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See Which Veggies, Fruits and Natural Ingredients To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes And Help Prevent Diabetes Complications.

Read The REAL TRUTH...
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Find Out How You Can Naturally Improve Type 1 & Reverse Type 2 Diabetic so You Can Avoid Harmful Measures and Dialysis!

Note: Your diabetes measures may bring down your sugar level  but will do nothing about preventing these  diabetes complications like, Amputation, Heart disease, Kidney disease, Eye problem and Erectile Dysfunction etc

Now take some minutes and read through this letter. Information is power, and can be more powerful than medicine at times because right now you will discover:

i. The reason why your medicine is failing,
ii. The reason why you keep on adding different disease to the existing ones in spite of intensive medication,
iii. The reason why you’ve been changing from one conventional masures to a higher one.

All these I will show you, not in words of mouth, but pure results of researches conducted by international experts in the field of science. You will also see what Nobel prize winners and physicians are saying concerning diabetes and diabetes treatments.

But first why am I here?

Am here because of you. This avenue gives me access to a lot of people that need my help. As you will soon discover, there are more than 7 million people living with diabetes in Nigeria.

The best way I know I can reach and help meet the need of these diabetics that can not be reached in my locality is the internet. Even in my offline base, I discovered some people are so shy that they prefer to die with their problem than to disclose it to people.

Good enough, internet is faceless. It conceals your identity while you get your problem solved. 

This diabetes breakthrough Dietary Approach you are about to discover on this page is twice as effective as the leading type2 conventional measure at normalizing blood sugar, fixing endocrine resistance, stopping neuropathy pain, preventing, blindness, amputations and other diabetes problems

These supplements have been used successfully by tens of thousands of people in over 150 countries and have helped type 2 diabetics eliminate the need for orthodox presciptions and endocrine injections while helping type ones greatly reduce their conventional presription and injection dosages.

Pharmaceutical companies have been suppressing this information about these supplements for decades. Other companies stand to lose billions of dollars in profits if diabetics learn the truth about their disease and begin using these cheap and much more effective approach to reverse their type 2 diabetes, normalize blood sugar and avoid all the horrible diabetes complications waiting for them down the road.

If you are tired of being lied to and are ready to finally learn the truth about this disease and find out how tens of thousands of type 2 diabetics completely reversed their diabetes, normalized their blood sugar and were taken off all conventional measures and injections, then read on.

The Root Cause of Diabetes:

It might be hard to believe, but when you prick your finger with a meter and see a blood sugar reading of let's say 250, it's NOT because you have diabetes! Some people can walk around with blood sugar as high as 300 without having diabetes. How is this possible? It all comes down to a single word: INFLAMMATION.

Ever wondered why diabetics have such high rates of heart disease, heart attacks, cancer, high cholesterol, blindness, arthritis, and neuropathy? Inflammation.

Just recently; February 2015, Scientists and researchers at the University of California San Diego proved that type 2 diabetes is caused by inflammation: they discovered that an inflammatory molecule called LTB4 causes endocrine resistance. And what does endocrine resistance lead to? high blood sugar and diabetes.

This is the reason why treating your blood sugar with conventional measure and injecting endocrine to combat endocrine sensitivity will never heal your diabetes; because you aren't treating the root cause of diabetes, just the symptoms of it.

Orthodox Measures Treat Symptoms, Not Disease

Let's compare how we treat diabetes to how we treat the cold or flu.
What are the symptoms of the flu? Fever and congestion.

What is the cause of the flu itself? A virus. If we treat the symptoms of the flu - bring down fever, take some decongestants, will that cure the flu? No. It will make you feel better, but it will not in any way make the flu better because we haven't actually treated the flu itself. We simply treated the SYMPTOMS. You are still sick with the flu, but now you feel a bit better. Or another example. Let's say you broke your leg. What are the symptoms? Bleeding and lots of pain. If you take pain killers and wrap your leg in a bandage to stop the bleeding, have you fixed your broken leg? No, you simply treated the symptoms.

You still have a problem - the broken leg. So how does this compare to diabetes? Exactly the same. What are the symptoms of diabetes? High blood sugar and endocrine resistance. What do doctors prescribe? Pills to lower blood sugar and endocrine to help with endocrine resistance. Have you actually done anything to treat diabetes itself? No.

You have simply treated the SYMPTOMS of it.
So again, you are still sick, you still have a problem, but now you feel a little better

Now Let’s Go To The Researches…

Warning: Dangerous Diabetes Orthodox Measures Don’t Work Scientists have already proved it.

A large-scale study at Duke University School of Medicine and published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that despite serious risks and dangerous side effects, diabetes measure don’t live up to their claims.

Duke researchers found that the combination of the blood-pressure measures and the anti-diabetes measures failed to reduce risk of heart attack at all.

Furthermore, according to the researchers, practically all anti-diabetic measures result in weight gain and eventual total dependency upon endocrine injections.

Lead researcher Robert Califf of the Duke study said, “This is a sobering confirmation of the need to focus on lifestyle improvements.

Also, results from the 2010 randomized ACCORD CLINICAL STUDY (a large study funded by US government) confirmed the danger of blood sugar lowering measures:

Researchers examined the risks for heart attack, stroke, and death in 10,000 diabetic patients. Those who reduced their blood sugar levels the most (to 6.0% A1C or lower-considered “great” by doctors) had a HIGHER risk of cardiovascular death and heart failure in patients with type 2 diabetes.

As blood sugar levels dropped, there were more heart attacks, and more patients died. In fact, the study had to be canceled to protect the remaining participants. That’s right, they stopped the study 18 months early because it was killing too many people!

Yet the World at large continues to pay billions of dollars annually for this types of care for diabetes, despite clear evidence that nature works better than medications.

Please listen carefully:

Glucose lowering measures kill more Type 2 patients than those who don’t take them at all. Just look at this…

A prominent study published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine found that Conventional Measures increases a patient’s risk of heart attack by 43% and death by a whopping 64% compared to patients not on the measure.

This means that NOT taking Conventional Measures actually IMPROVES a Type 2 patient’s chance of survival by more than 200%!

It’s time to stop poisoning yourself! It’s time to kick Diabetes out of your life.

Now imagine if you knew the truth...

Imagine if you had access to all of this suppressed and covered up medical research and the exact methods thousands of diabetics used to become completely healed.

  • No more needles
  • No more expensive and dangerous diabetes medications
  • No more finger pricking or test strips
  • No more frustration and embarrassment

Would you use this information to help yourself, your kids, relatives, family and friends? 

Before i go further, let me show you a few of the many testimonials past users have sent to us

So now that you have read the different testimonials about this therapy, so what then is it?

That Is Why Am INTRODUCING You To The Nature Made Diabetes Therapy.


This natural therapy offers a 100% natural, safe, and powerful treatment that eliminates the ROOT cause of your Diabetes.

There’s nothing like this that exists anywhere else-on or off the web – and I’m honored for the opportunity to share it with you.

This pioneering remedy is the outcome of countless studies conducted over the past three decades by teams of internationally-respected scientists and diabetes’ specialists, including Prof. John Mash of Corneil University, NYC. As a result, thousands of people who were in your EXACT same situation are now living symptom-free.

Decide TODAY To Get OFF Your Orthodox Measures For Good!

This therapy will also give you healthy cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure naturally. So not only will you rid off your blood sugar, you’ll drop your risk of heart disease and stroke as well! Tinkering with blood pressure and cholesterol in a patient who already has dysfunctional blood sugar is ineffective and dangerous. And all these studies prove it. Unfortunately , patients will keep dying until they heal diabetes at the most fundamental level. 

One of my big client a medical doctor said and quote ” Emmanuel, your product may not bring permanent cure to diabetes but as a medical doctor, I have discovered that your product is the best approach for managing diabetes because with your product I can save my patients from diabetes complications which our conventional measures cannot do”. This is what a medical doctor told me. He is one of my major customers.

Warning: If you are diabetic and you want to save yourself from diabetes complications like, Amputation, Heart disease, Kidney disease, Eye problem and Erectile Dysfunction etc. make these product part of your diet. Your diabetes measures can bring down your sugar level down but will do nothing about preventing these problems.   

This Is A Natural Therapy With International Seals Of Certification.

Now how can you get access to this DIABETES WELLNESS PACK? 

But before I tell you how to get it. Let me tell you the components of this pack

Aloe Vera Gel: It stabilizes blood sugar in Diabetes. Many Researches have discovered that the Aloe Vera Juice has helped in improving blood glucose level and it’s therefore very useful in treating people with diabetes. It also provides fast healing of leg wounds and ulcers which are also complications of Diabetes. It also helps in balancing the immune system.


Garcinia Plus: This is what was discovered scientifically: A new study carried out in the United State of America published in February 2015, discovered that a “probiotic pill” – one containing live bacteria – can radically reduce blood glucose levels.

In the experiments researchers discovered that using a pill containing common bacteria found in the human gut can shift the control of glucose levels from the pancreas to the upper intestine.

It is believed that this “rewiring” of the body has revolutionized treatment for diabetes – both Types 1 and 2 – and offers the possibility of a cure. Active Probiotic is not also a manufactured probiotic which looses over 70% of it’s potency before getting to the human digestive tract. The probiotic in our DIABETES WELLNESS PACK is natural and it retains more than 98% of it’s natural contents.


Garlic Thyme:  The dietary use of garlic and thyme has been traced back  thousands of years. An Egyptian papyrus dating from 1,500BC listed 22 healthy uses for garlic. Today, we are starting to understand how they work.

Garlic and thyme, the two powerful antioxidants found in Forever Garlic-Thyme®, combine to create a great tool in maintaining good health. When garlic is cut or crushed, enzymes react to produce a powerful immune-enhancing agent. Studies have shown that garlic’s other ingredients help the metabolism convert fats to energy and protect the body against free radicals.

Thyme contains saponins and other beneficial antioxidant substances.

Powerful antioxidant
Helps protect the body against free radicals
Helps support the conversion of fats to energy


Fields of Greens/ Forever Daily is designed to support immune system function by addressing all aspects of the immune system from its first line of defense to its last. Each ingredient in our proprietary blend is specifically chosen for the crucial role it plays in supporting your body’s immune system function. It helps the body’s biological defense system to operate at peak performance so you can carry on your daily routine without any cares.

Our immune-enhancing nutrient blend includes the power of lactoferrin, maitake and shiitake mushrooms, along with vitamins C & D and zinc for that extra support your body needs. Each of these key ingredients contributes to your body’s well-being:

Fructooligosaccharides – promote healthy levels of probiotic bacteria in the digestive system.
Lactoferrin – supports immune cell production and helps maintain optimum levels of beneficial bacteria in the intestines
Maitake & Shiitake Mushrooms – support immune cell production and cardiovascular function •Vitamin D – strengthens immune cells
Vitamin C –fights free radicals
Zinc – fights free radicals and supports immune cell production


“Okay, I’m Convinced! But How Much is This Going To Cost Me To Get  Delivered to me at my doorstep?”


Have you ever taken time to think about it?… if you finally grab this Most Effective, result oriented Natural Supplement therapy and you are finally able to……live without your measures over time…

I want you to consider the value of what you are getting. It will save you lots of time and efforts and will finally put a smile on your face.

I have spent a huge amount of time and money when I was researching to get you everything you need PLUS my personal experience…

That is why I’m giving you this nutritional pack at a heavily discounted Price…

One good thing about this product is that, by taking this product you have short your door against diabetes complications. The conventional measures can bring down your sugar level but it will do nothing in preventing the complication, that is why you should see this product as a must to take.

For the next 5 days, the 


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Mini Pack for 30days

1 Aloe Vera Gel
1 Forever Garcinia Plus
1 Forever Garlic-Tyme
1 Fields Of Greens


Full Pack for 60days

2 Aloe Vera Gel
2 Forever Garcinia Plus
2 Forever Garlic-Tyme
1 Fields Of Greens





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A complete, easy to use 30/60-day Program for treating your diabetes. The system include 4 specially formulated components that works in harmony with your body to achieve rapid results. 

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Knowledge is power, so well done for reading up to this point. The most important step however begins now because info rmation is only of value if you act on it. I look forward to hearing your Diabetes Health Pack success story. Start fortifying your system and it will reward you sound health.

Mr. Tokunbo

Diabetes Health Coach

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P.S: Do not wait till when your diabetes lead to other serious complications and stage where it would become too complex to manage. As a dietitian, I can tell you that through natural way you can live your normal life to the very old age without other complication.

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